Registration of ISB 2.0 starts from 10th November
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17 August02:28PM

India's Super Brain Collaboration with HackerEarth

We are proud to announce that we have collaborated with HackerEarth and this would mean that going forward all the contests on each Friday will be held on Hackerearth's platform. As part of our deal, we will be sharing you the proper guidelines on how to access tests on each Friday, and then ensure that you understand everything on our announcement portal by 23rd August, 2020. We will also open a...

17 August12:48PM

The updated timeline - India's super Brain

Please go through the attached PDF to get hold of the updated timeline. And please circulate it to make sure that more people are aware about this.

4 August12:06AM

The actual competition starts from 24th August, 2020.

While the actual competition will start from 24th August, 2020., the warmups python course is a complimentary cum optional course from our side to all our registered participants, where we are trying to understand the kind of stuffs we can deliver to you with every video that we release and where you get to understand how to automate stuffs in Python. The first two videos are already out as we sp...