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What is the story behind India’s Super Brain?

One fine day, we happened to discuss among ourselves, how we ended up doing the work we are doing at Alien Brains, when at one point of time during our respective college days, we weren’t exactly the toppers of the class. Digging deeper, we realized, all of us had one thing in common. We all knew well inside that if we were given to perform any tasks after having been taught how to do it, we had the self belief that we’ll excel at it.

Opportunities came, competitions came, and we always thought, next time we will be better prepared. And this next time never really arrived for most of us. And for the ones whose opportunities did arrive, it was not always on the right time.

Life happened, and we arrived at a position where we could look back and think, okay here’s how we can change the system. We thought this is what the country could really use, get mentored first and then appear for the competition, and do it for four different technologies. This way, instead of judging someone’s potential on what they know, we will be providing them the opportunity to prove to the world, how well they can grasp new concepts. And all they need is a chance, and give them any field, they will work long hours and make themselves perfect for that opportunity.

Being on the employer side for last 3 years, we always looked for talent, who has the potential to be street smart, a knack to pick up new things, and above all has a brain that enabled them to multitask and the courage and will to excel in whatever field they are asked to work on.

When we orchestrated the concept of this competition, we knew that we will always be able to make sure that both the participant as well as us, will be able to understand one’s potential and this competition had the capacity to give others what they didn’t have until then; an equal chance, where they can compete with others as well as with themselves, where they can truly discover what they are made of.

What do I get if I participate in India’s Super Brain?

Well for starters, an unparalleled experience of having a dream month, where you are unraveling how to get going in Cyber Security, Web Development, Machine Learning and DBMS, by first getting mentored and then appearing for the competition. Also, to keep everyone motivated, we created incentive plans and perks that could to some extent do justice to the incredible efforts of every brain who is taking part in it.

Every week for every new topic, the top 25 winners will get a cash prize of INR 5K each, amounting to a total of INR 5 Lakhs when spread across 4 weeks, and the top 3 will get a chance to feature in an interview for our e-magazine.

The points will be accumulated every week, and the total will then decide who is going to be crowned as India’s Super Brain.

Rank 1 - 10 will be given an opportunity to work full time at Alien Brains(Job), while ones with Rank among 11 - 25, will be offered a paid internship for 6 months at our company. Also, a total of INR 4 Lakhs will be distributed among the top 25 students.

While for all the weekly winners as well as people who ended up in Top 1000 in the final leaderboard rankings, they will get an exclusive free access to our club for 6 weeks, where every Saturday from 5 PM - 8 PM, we invite employees currently working in Top IT Giants of the world, to share their experiences, answer your queries, and show you a path to achieve dreams which you are thinking about.

Also, every registrant for the competition will be awarded 5 percentile based certificates, discussing about their participation and performance in the sub-competition of these 4 topics, and participation and performance in the overall competition of India’s Super Brain.

What does the competition structure look like?

The competition spans across 4 weeks, and the formal announcement and inauguration of which will be made on 15th August, 2020 at 3:00 PM marking the start of the hunt for India's Super Brain.

Everyone will get free access to an optional Automate With Python online workshop spanning from 1st to 14th August. It is called by us a warm-up session, where for people, who haven’t had any programming experience before, will get introduced to the world of programming while learning how to write cool scripts in Python, that can automate the boring tasks. It is completely optional, and it is recommended to people with little or no prior programming or scripting experiences.

The actual competition starts from 24th August, marking it as the first week. The four weeks will see four different topics, Web Development, Cyber Security, Machine Learning, and Database Management System.

A doubt asking portal will be created, where everyone can ask their doubts regarding these technologies. The mode of communication while mentoring will be Hinglish, a word that describes the most accepted dialect in the current student and corporate community.

Each week on Monday, from 4 - 5 PM, you’ll be guided on how to install relevant softwares and dependencies needed for the upcoming 3 weeks. From 5 - 9 PM, Day 1 of mentoring will begin On Tuesday and Wednesday, from 4 PM - 5 PM, most of the good or common doubts which came to us via doubt portal will be answered. From 5 - 9 PM, Day 2 and Day 3 of mentoring will take place randomly. On Thursday an optional doubt clearing section will be there, from 4 PM - 6 PM, also a random number program will run and decide 5 random registrants for our Saturday’s live session On Friday, the competition will take place, whose format and details will be revealed on 15th August’s announcement.

The leadership board will be updated on Saturday afternoon 1 PM. And from 5 PM - 8 PM, live paper discussion and future ahead in the technology of the week will be done with those 5 rank holders. Sunday will be a rest day. Same format will be followed for all 4 weeks, for all the four topics.

In a nutshell, 4 topics in 4 weeks, 1 topic per week, Day 1-3 mentorship, Day 4 doubt clearing session, Day 5 competition, Day 6 leaderboard updation plus live paper discussion. Results on who becomes India’s Super Brain will be announced on 24th September, 2020.

Am I eligible to participate in this competition?

This competition is open for all, irrespective of their caste, creed, gender, religion, age, financial status, educational background.

Case 1: No prior experience to programming. Non IT Background Start with our optional Python workshop, this will get you started and excited. Then go along with the flow, and test out yourself on how quickly you can get the hang of all different kinds of things. If you are someone who wants a job in IT Background, just show to your interviewers your performance certificate for this competition. The moment the interviewer sees that how easily you can grasp new concepts, the odds of you getting a job will heavily tilt in your favour. If you want to start your own company, this will give you a proper brief overview on how to think when it comes to these 4 technologies. If you still don’t belong in those two, participate to challenge yourself.

Case 2: No prior experience to programming. IT Background Start with our optional Python workshop, this will get you started and excited. Learn how to become a cool nerd by creating scripts that will enable you to automate boring stuff. And then spend the next 4 weeks deciding which direction you want to take your career in, and judge yourself on how large a belly you have got for the IT world.

Case 3: Prior experience in some of these technologies Well get started in all four, use your previous knowledge to your advantage, but trust us no matter the head start, at the end of day 3 of every week, everyone will have sufficient knowledge and exposure to excel the day 5th competition. So, see where you stand and don’t be complacent.

There will be so many students, why should I participate?

If you want to learn, come. If you want to grow, come. If you want to be financially independent, come. If you want a job, come. If you want to boost your CV by acquiring the title of ‘‘India’s Super Brain”, come. If you want to discover your infinite potentials, come. Participate.

Why is Alien Brains providing jobs and internships?

We at Alien Brains are always looking to get people on the team who love challenging themselves and learning new things quickly every single day. And when we will be seeing those talents right in front of our eyes, it would be foolish of us to let them go and not understand their worth. Jobs and internships aren’t easy to come by these days, but what’s more difficult is finding the right person for the job. So, if an equation can be worked out, where both matches, it would be the most beautiful equation. We are expanding as we speak. We have managed to create two brands under the umbrella of Alien Brains, one being in the educational vertical where we mentor students, and the other where we are one of the first creators of an end to end event experience app, which goes by the name ‘Sociana’. To look out for the positions open visit our careers page.

What if I end up in the top 25 of India’s Super Brain, and I don’t want the job or internship?

You can choose to let it go, and just take the honorary trophy, certificates, cash prize, mementos from us. Your offer for this job/internship will be valid for one entire year, you can walk in any time and reclaim this offer if you didn’t take it that time.

If I end up in Top 25, does that mean my job/ internship is guaranteed?

It is pretty much guaranteed. We will have one HR round with the top 25 rankers, and after your psychometric evaluation where we deem you fit for the company, you’ll be awarded this job/internship offer. It may however be retracted, if on background check, you’re not as clean as you are supposed to be as per our company’s ethics code requirement. If everything goes well, The package offered will be 6 LPA plus for Top 10 students. And from rank 11-25, the students’ monthly stipend will be fixed at INR 15000.

What will happen in case of a tie?

In case of tie, the no. of registrants involved in the tie will all be awarded the same rank, and then subsequent ranks will be skipped by the no. of people involved in the tie. If tie happens in the top 25, the combined prize money of all the people who are in tied position will be equally distributed among them.

Case 1: 3 people tied for Rank 1 All three will be awarded the title India’s Super Brain and the cumulative prize money of INR 175000 will be distributed equally among these 3, thereby each receiving a cash prize of INR 58334. All of these 3 will appear in our leaderboard as Rank 1, while the next person in line will be awarded Rank 4 as normal.

Case 2 : 2 people tied for Rank 10 Both of them will be considered for the job and the cumulative prize money of INR 23000 will be distributed equally among these 2, thereby each receiving a cash prize of INR 11500. Both of them will appear in our leaderboard as Rank 10, while the next person in line will be awarded Rank 12 as normal.

Similarly, in other cases too, in case ties are caught at junction points, we will be rewarding according to the best possible outcome as explained above. Decisions of competition authorities will be final in these regards.

How much exactly am I going to learn in these four weeks?

Get ready to be surprised with the amount of content delivered in 12 hours along with the handouts, as we will get you to a point, from where you actually know how to move forward if you were to make a career in that topic. We will be demonstrating live projects too, so that the mentorship isn’t completely theoretical. The post contest handouts will also have proper roadmaps on what can be the possible steps you can take in future to explore more. Moreover the amount of content will be such that even for people with experience in the said field, it’ll not be a walk in the park while they appear for the competition.

Why charge only INR 450 for all of these?

It’s an initiative by team Alien Brains, where everyone is free from any family pressure as such, and can take a decision for their own self. More than anything else, we wanted to come up with a scenario, where we are offering as much as we can, so that of all the concerns among the registrants, whether I’ll get value for money isn’t one of them. Everyone will participate in this competition for different motives, we want to ensure that they can do it without any second thought.

I don’t want to appear for the entire competition, I excel in one of these four topics, I want to participate in only one. Can I?

The registration fee will remain uniform for you, but you can have the motivation of being one among the top 25 in the said technology. Although, the financial expression of INR 5000 is always there, come to see how strong are your basics, and are you as good as you think you are.

What will the leaderboard look like?

That’s a surprise that will be revealed on 15th August, 2020.

What exactly will be taught in the optional warm up workshop of automating stuff with Python?

Complete introduction to the programming world will be given, while 10+ projects will be done where you’ll be taught on how to see a task, identify the monotonicity, and then make it go away by writing a cool program.

How will the prize money be distributed?

For weekly winners, Every Saturday, The 25 winners will receive congratulatory phone calls and will be reached out to provide their bank account details. Once, we receive the account details, the money will be transferred to the winners within the next 2 business days. For the final contest winner, the top 25 of India’s Super Brain, will be receiving their cash prize on 24th September, 2020, the day when the results will be announced. Same method will be applied with them.

Who are the mentors?

All the mentors are full time members of Alien Brains family, who have worked previously on these topics on their softwares, as well as have had previous mentorship experiences. These mentors are the active practitioners of those respective topics.

What will be the mode of communication, while we are being mentored on these 4 topics?

The mode of communication while mentoring will be Hinglish, a word that describes the most accepted dialect in the current student and corporate world.

What if I have doubts during the class when it is delivered or after it?

There will be a doubt forum accessible to you, where our TA’s will try to address all possible unique doubts during the hours while you are mentored. All the unanswered doubts or common doubts, will again be answered from 4 PM onwards on the sessions’ next day.

What will happen if someday I miss one of the mentorship classes?

You’ll have recordings of all the classes available as well as we will be giving detailed handouts to make your life easier. And anyways, attending the mentorship classes is optional. One can directly appear for the weekly competitions.

What are the job opportunities, and how do I choose my role?

We are on an expansion spree. While you can always go to our careers page, to figure out all the open roles, but since you’ll be ending up in Top-25, we want you to have an opportunity, where you decide field in which you are looking for job/internship, and we will design a custom job role for you, if it didn’t exist before. Basically, you get the liberty to work in your desired field.

When exactly does the job and internship start?

The job/internship orientation will happen every three months. For immediate joiners, their job/internship will start from 15th October onwards. The job and internship offer are valid for one whole year. It’ll only be extended for special cases for people who even after this one year, will not have graduated from college. So you can choose 1st January, 1st April and 1st July as other 3 dates when you can join. You’ll have to though give your tentative initiation date to the team by 1st October, 2020.

I am in first/second year, and I end up in Top 25, what’s the process for me?

Well if you grab a job, and your college curriculum doesn’t allow you that job, then in that case, your job offer will remain valid until you graduate. Basically it’ll be a PPO from our side, and you’ll be working as an intern with us during that duration if you wish to. For people in Rank 11 - 25, you can also opt for this internship opportunity whenever you like until you graduate. Once you’ve graduated, you’ll have a maximum of 2 months to accept our offer, both the internship and job, whichever applies.

I have completed the registration. What should I do next?

First of all Thank You so much for registering and we welcome you to India’s Super Brain. Once you register with us, you’ll receive an acknowledgement email from us, and within the next 3 working days you’ll receive a tax invoice from us at the email address you provided at the time of registration. From 1st August, 2020 onwards, a warm-up session for Automation with Python is starting, we heavily encourage you to take part in that. The process for that will be shared over registered email on 29th July, 2020. For people, who are registering after 29th July, 2020, they will get the process initiation email along with the acknowledgment of registration email. The process and relevant links for 15th August’s 3 PM announcement will be shared onwards 5th August, 2020 at your registered email address and the further competition specific details which haven't already been mentioned, will be announced on 15th August, 2020. After that, all that will be left for you is to go out and compete.

I am scared, I know it sounds great, but I am not really sure, if this is the right thing for me to do!

In any case India’s Super Brain isn’t just about a competition. We aim to handhold you and make learning new and niche technologies fun. Our workshops will be interactive and will ensure once a student is stepping out, he/she will have a sense of learning and satisfaction. We aim to bring the best in you in-front of you. Show you your best potential. Consider this a “Learn & Earn” opportunity. Happy Learning!

Why should I join Alien Brains if offered a Full-Time Job?

Potentially we are a dynamite in the process. We only work with technologies which will last at least 100 years. Our business model is student friendly and hence we enjoy a loyal customer base. We have already established ourselves as a product company as well. We aim to be the next big disruption in the Education and Event Management and Experience Space

Will my Internship also come with a PPO clause?

If you are given an opportunity with us, we hate saying goodbyes. If you do what you do best, we will ensure your future prospects are well taken care of!

Is this a team based competition or do we participate individually?


A student from my college ended up in Top 25. What perks will my college get?

The Top 25 Colleges corresponding to the Top 25 Winners will also get awards and accreditations from Alien Brains for nurturing some of the best Brains in India.